No that's not a bat... it's Bella!

Our Pet of The Month for July is Miss Bella Angel!

Isn't she absolutely adorable?! Bella is a 1 year old Pomeranian. Born completely blind, Bella has quickly learned how to adapt to the world around her and loves everyone she meets! She started out life as the runt of the litter, separated to keep her safe from her litter mates, and from bumping into things. She was adopted at 8 weeks old to someone in Louisville but was returned the next day as they suspected something was wrong.

Bella became part of the Angel family when her mom met her on a whim and fell in love! Almost immediately, Bella was brought in to see Dr. Sears for a diagnosis & for direction on helping her adapt to her new home. It's amazing how she remembers where everything is, how to get around, and even to play with her brothers and sister!

Bella comes in quite frequently for Laser Therapy for a Luxating Patella (a trick knee.) and has stolen the hearts of the whole staff! She loves to travel & go to the beach as well. When asked why Bella and coming to Village Animal Hospital is the best, her mom says, " It has been a lesson in life for sure to see her make the best of her situation. She lives life to the fullest every day! She loves going to VAH because she is treated with such kindness from all the staff and the laser therapy makes her feel much better. It truly is a special place."

Thank you, Ms. Angel, for sharing the sweetness of your precious Bella with us! We look forward to watching her grow and continue to strive!