October's Pet of the Month is... FONZI!

Fonzi's is a special case. His new mom, before becoming his mom, was browsing the internet looking for a new best friend. She came across Fonzi's photograph and could not get his sweet face out of her head; she felt an instant connection looking into the picture of those big puppy dog eyes. Fonzi was being kept at a rescue that claimed to have found him in a parking lot when he was just a pup. Fonzi is 5 years old. When his mom-to-be finally went to meet him, she was disheartened by the conditions in which Mr.Fonzi was being kept. He was chained outside to a small kennel his entire life. He showed her such tenderness, despite the negligence shown to him by humans, that she had to get him away from there. She states that he was so filthy and his odor so horrendous the windows had to be rolled down the whole ride home. Fonzi's new mom knew he needed medical treatment so she entrusted us with the care of her new friend. After a good bath and a pawdicure, it was discovered that Fonzi would need further treatment. He was still intact and needed to be neutered and his teeth and gums needed extensive care. "After having a number of infected teeth removed, Fonzi is doing great!" says, his smitten mom.

Fonzi was the sweetest boy throughout all of his treatments! He trusted us completely although he had no reasons to. We have no doubt that Fonzi is about to be living his best life and can put all that heartache and desolation behind him!