Rags to Riches: The Pet of Month is Bourbon!

Bourbon is a little homeless kitten that found shelter inside the garage at the Stephen house. She lived for 6 weeks in the garage, only coming out to eat or drink. Anytime Ms. Stephen would approach she would run and hide behind the laundry machines. She could see from a distance that Bourbon needed the help of Dr. Sears because her right eye was very swollen. Catching her was going to be a challenge because she was born a stray and very cautious around people. It took a lot of time and patience but, with the help of some friends she was able to be caught. Once she was safely inside, Ms. Stephen could see how badly damaged her eye was and that she had lost her sight out of that eye. Bourbon came straight to Dr. Sears for surgery!

Bourbon has healed quickly from her surgery and transitioned to being a one-eyed house-cat. She has overcome her anxiety around people and now is the first cat to greet anyone that comes over. Her favorite toy is a mouse and she carries it all over the house. She is the most happy when she gets lap time or napping on the couch.

We are so glad that Ms. Stephen saved the life of little Bourbon taking her from homeless to the family princess.