Meet Winston! Our pet of the month for April.

Winston is a 23 year old Russian Blue who shares his home with the family’s other cat Cindy Clawford. Winston is Dr. Sears’s oldest patient and she has been caring for him for almost 9 years. Winston has been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid issues, a heart murmur, and arthritic legs. In spite of it all, under Dr. Sears care, Winston continues to enjoy all the comforts of life. The staff at Village Animal Hospital and his family call Winston “Super Kitty”.

23 years ago, the Webber family found Winston caught in a fence and he was the cutest little gray ball of fluff. As Winston has aged he lost his eye-sight and can no longer hear but, he can still navigate his way throughout the house, especially to find his dad’s lap to sleep in! Winston still has a voracious appetite and is very vocal about requesting his favorite snack turkey which makes Thanksgiving his favorite holiday.

One of the funniest memories Bill has about Winston was when he waited days to catch a mouse. Once he caught the mouse, he brought it to his family and was so proud of himself! Winston has lived such a long life that there are so many more stories to tell. We all hope to enjoy his sweet and loving disposition for many years to come!