Toothless, Shelby & Maggie

We've been a little late posting our Pet(s) of the Month so this month we have 3 pets!

First up is a pretty kitty named Toothless.

Toothless braving the exam table like a champ!

She is a 14 month old domestic shorthaired cat. Toothless loves to smother her mom, Rose, with love and is snuggled up at any possible time. Rose was very lucky to come across Toothless from her family friend. Rose loves Toothless due to her clumsy personality which makes her even more adorable! She's been coming to us for a few months now and always receives TONS of attention from our staff.

Now for our favorite blonde duo, Shelby and Maggie Too.

Both of these good girls have been long time patients of ours. Mary Jane rescued both pups separately from Golden Retriever Rescue and Needy Dogs (GRRAND) yet both bonded instantly with each other as if they were soul sisters. Shelby (red coat) is currently recovering from an ACL repair surgery but has always been an incredible athlete. Her favorite activities are running and swimming with her best friend, Maggie. Shelby is known as a velcro dog and never wants to leave Mary Janes side. As her mom says, if she's with Maggie and her mom, she's happy.

Shelby and Maggie have been coming to Village Animal Hospital since they were first adopted 7+ years ago. Mary Jane has known Dr. Sears for 20+ years from previous pets and still continues to be a part of our Village family! Mary Jane loves to bring her girls here due to the unwavering care and attention our staff gives to her fur family.