What greater gift than the love of a cat

Our pets of the month for September are Pickles & Raisin!

Aren't they sweet?! Marshall & Macie White knew they needed to expand their family when they came across a sad situation back in the Summer of 2018. Pickles and her brother, Pepper, were rescued along with 38 other cats and kittens that were part of a cat hoarding community in West Virginia.

Coming back home to Lexington, The White's noticed that Pickles and Pepper weren't doing well and sought medical attention. Come to find out, both were sick with upper respiratory infections and had iron deficiencies from flea infestations. Sadly, Pickles was the only one to survive. She was alone and Marshall & Macie felt that she needed a friend.

And then there was Raisin! Raisin was adopted from the Lexington Humane Society. She was in a cage with 3 other kittens who smashed her on the bottom of the cage. Marshall saw her paw sticking out and removed her from the cage. It was love at first sight!

When asked why Pickles and Raisin are so special:

"Pickles is special because of where she comes from and her little personality is so endearing. She will squeak when she wants to play. Pickles is more Marshall’s cat but when I am sad and crying she will come lay on my chest and purr. When Marshall had his brain surgery and was gone for a few days, the kittens were lost. I would come home for a shower and a nap and they would provide comfort when I needed it. When Marshall came home, they both did the same for him. They never left Marshall’s side while he was healing. I thank God that both of them were here because I never felt alone. When I’d come home from work, Marshall would be asleep on the couch with one cat in his lap and the other asleep beside of him. It brought a smile to my face during that dark time. They both gave Marshall cause to smile to."

Pickles and Raisin are one of the many great parts of the Village Animal Hospital Family! Macie stated, "Dr. Sears and her staff are amazing with our little cats. They are an extension to our family. You guys are the best!"

(Pictured here with Mr. & Mrs. Claus in 2018 for VAH's annual Christmas pictures!)