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Lexington, KY 40504


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Village Animal Hospital, Dog and Cat Veterinarian clinic in Lexington, KY, is a leading dog and cat vet resource for veterinarian care for your dogs and cats.  We believe that our canine and feline patients are more than someone's pet and deserve an outstanding dog and cat vet.  They are a source of happiness, comfort, joy, memories, companionship, and love.  At the end of the day they are family, whom we love dearly and think deserve the best pet vet care available.  We recognize the deep love a person can have for their dog or cat, as we all share that with our own pets. That is why we strive to always provide you and your pet(s) with the highest quality of veterinarian care, love and respect.  By means of AAHA Accreditation to assure you of our quality of services, becoming a Certified Cat Friendly Practice, and taking the time to be the best pet vet resource for you when it comes to any veterinarian questions you may have, we strive to be the ultimate pet vet.  We care for your pet from whisker to tail and all between, with routine preventative care services, to surgical and complicated treatment plans.  Kitten-Puppy to Geriatric-Senior we care and support them all. We create individual treatment plans for dogs and cats based on their lifestyle and risk.  Pets are not cookie cutter and neither is our veterinary medicine.  We are here to educate you on proper cat-dog-kitten-puppy care.  We offer preventative care wellness plans to help break up annual expenses into monthly payments, while caring for your pet in a way to maximize their quality and longevity of life.